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Bavette Steaks
Darlene Hubick

These are the best steak I have ever eaten and I’m 71 yrs old🙌👌delicious


followed cooking instructions to the letter, and turned out awesome. worth the expense (mom was impressed)

Kids really like them

Good quality GF chicken fingers that all three of our kids really like.

Wagyu Ribeye Steaks
Donald Kennedy
Wicked marbling

The steaks arrived thawed due to lackluster performance by Purolator Couriers taking 3 days for an overnight delivery. No fault whatsoever of Sealand. Looking at them, the marbling was astonishing. These folks sell quality goods!

Great as Ever!

Having enjoyed them before we are not disappointed. Simple and Delicious,just add some vegetables and hey presto a quick and very tasty meal!
NowI I want to try the Potato /Cheese Pattie’s.

Black Cod Fillets
Angela Kalbun

This is very good quality. An amazing fish, full of all the good oils we need in our diets. You won't be disappointed

King Crab

I could not wait to get this delivery and it was great . Would order again

Beef Tenderloin Tips
Richard and Kim Van Maele
Not what it use to be.

It use to be amazing especially when the packaging was smaller and actual tenderloin tips, now it comes packed in 3lb packages compared to 1lb package and the meat tastes more like stew meat or round steak. It is tough and chewy and not pleasant to eat at all.

Hi Richard and Kim, we're sorry to hear that your recent experience didn't meet your expectations. While we can no longer accommodate the smaller pack sizes, the quality of our tenderloin tips remains the same, even in the larger packages. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 855-312-2677 or via email at info@sealandqualityfoods.com.

Roaster Style Chicken Wings
Evangeline Trembath
Chicken wings

Since I have been buying from Sealand Foods, The chicken wings are always on my list. You may pay a little more but they are worth every penny . I am actually eating a wing and not a bone with a little meat like from the other stores. I love them in the air fryer or baked and with a sweet and sour .

Wagyu Steak

We bought the Wagyu steak in March form our Rep. Roger. They were as delicious as he said they would be. A little seasoning and cooked in my Air Fryer and man they were as tender as he said and didn't need a knife . I definitely will buy them again .

Great Product!

Just thought I would stop by and show some support to this business as I Enjoyed their crab legs, the price is great, they were polite, delivery was free and on time. I will definitely order again.

Tuna Saku Blocks
Julie & Mark
Fantastic Tuna!

We recently purchased the Tuna Saku Blocks, and we must say that they exceeded our expectations! The quality of the tuna was outstanding - fresh, flavorful, and perfect for tuna crudo, poke bowl and sashimi. Jim Jewitt our Culinary Consultant who helped us choose was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us great advices and recommendations. His expertise truly elevated the experience. We highly recommend the Tuna Saku blocks and Jim's culinary assistance for anyone looking to impress their guests with top-notch food. A truly fantastic experience overall.

Gluten free chicken

Gluten free is a pain point for me, I bought these in hopes to use for the week, in a salad etc.
I did not like them and neither did my daughter. It’s a lot of money to spend on something I didn’t like.

We're sorry this product didn't match what you were hoping for. We would like an opportunity to speak to you and ask a couple questions about your experience. Please call our Head Office at 1-855-312-2677 to speak directly with one of our customer service representatives.

Herb and Garlic butterfly shrimp

We had these for appetizers along with the bacon wrapped scallops and they were delicious. Very mouth watering will absolutely buy again.

Bacon wrapped Scallops

Our Rep Roger had delivered our scallops and we cooked some in the air fryer like he suggested and they were sooo good. They were so fresh , I will order them again. Thanks again

Cooked Beef Roasts
Janice Agnew
Excellent Product

This roast was a hit with everyone in our family who tasted it We will definitely reorder - easy and quick to prepare, great flavour and exceptionally tender. 10/10!

Wagyu Ribeye Steaks
Michael Meier
Wonderful Wagyu ribeyes

Extravagant? Yes. Worth every cent? Yes! My only criticism is that they should be thicker. How about a "thick cut" option? I would propose double the provided thickness. Would propose 4-6 "thick cut" steaks in a box. Same cost, same amount of protein in each box. Overall, wonderfully tender, flavorful steaks.

Thank you for taking the time to review and send us your feedback! We have sent your recommendations in and we will see what we can do about thicker cut steaks in a box!

Greenland Snow Crab Clusters
Evangeline Trembath
Greenland Snow Crab Clusters

I would like to say after our rep. Roger delivered my order on Valentines Day we decided we were going to have our Crab Clusters for our special dinner. Well I want to thank you for the delicious meal. He suggested we try them in the air fryer so I did and they tasted so fresh and with the garlic butter it was a very tasty meal. Once again I will buy again. Thanks you.

very good

I will definitely be ordering more of these. They are a great quality, and it's a good deal for what you get in the box.


These are amazing if cooked up right, I think they should be done on the barbeque grill preferably with charcoal.
If you're real hungry go to otherwise you can share these with someone. I'll be getting more on one of my orders.


I bought these a couple times now and I'll keep buying them. They are awesome tasty easy to cook up.


These are very good, quick easy snack in the air fryer.

real good

These are very good I just wish the portions were a bit bigger if you're hungry you'll eat two


I bought these a couple times now. There one of my favourite go to additions to many meals.

Orange ginger beef

If you dont mind the prep for a real Calgary ginger beef then try it with these tenderloin peices....no take out order needed. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and enjoy. Fantastic with sauteed orange peel, jalepeno, garlic and over the top of jasmine rice. 😁