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How it Works

Gourmet Food Delivery

The Sealand experience makes it easy to enjoy high quality frozen meat, seafood, and specialty products. Whether you purchase directly from one of our consultants at the door, or enjoy the convenience of ordering online, you can expect dedicated service, every time. With our unique delivery process you are in control of the hand-off time so that it always suits your schedule. Learn more about how you can save time and eat well.

How to Place an Order with Sealand

1. Order Online or With Your Consultant

You can place a Sealand order online at any time. Once you have placed your first order, you'll be assigned a local Culinary Consultant. You can then call and order directly from your consultant (see full product list here), or you can continue to order online.

If you are an existing Sealand customer, you can leave your Culinary Consultant's name in the notes section at checkout.

2. Your Culinary Consultant Gets in Touch

After placing an order, your Culinary Consultant will give you a call within the next 48 hours to plan the best day and time to deliver your food. If you require your order sooner than 48 hours, simply let us know in the notes section at checkout.

*if you're not in a Sealand delivery area, then the head office will be in touch instead to set up shipping to wherever you are in Canada.

3. Free Delivery to Your Door

Part of the Sealand promise is to never leave any boxes sitting on your doorstep. Your food will be delivered on the day and time that was selected with your Culinary Consultant. Delivery within Sealand service areas is always free. Not sure if you're within a delivery zone? Find out about Sealand Delivery.

4. Enjoy and Leave a Review

Now that you have restocked your freezer with delicious food, make sure to check out our kitchen-tested recipes for inspiration. You can also leave a review on Google, or on the website for the individual products that you try.

Read what other customers have to say.

Delivery Done Right

An Elevated Experience

Our trained Consultants are more than delivery drivers. They have extensive knowledge about every product, and are on hand to provide recommendations, introduce new products, and discuss recipe ideas. Take advantage of this tailored shopping experience that isn’t available with any other food delivery service.

Think Sealand

Benefits of Food Delivery

Our simple online ordering system means that you can stock up for long weekends, holidays, family events or weeknight dinners. Buying in bulk with individual portions means less food waste and right-sized meals. Plus, you’ll save time at the grocery store, have the option for prepared meals or appetizers at a moment’s notice, and discover renewed excitement in the kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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