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Explore Sealand’s curated selection of high-quality veal products - from elegant French Cut Grain Fed Veal Chops to comforting Breaded Veal Schnitzels and Veal Scallopini. Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) technology protects the tender texture of the veal while preserving its natural flavour and freshness. Order all of your favourite veal products online and discover the convenience of Sealand’s premium meat delivery service.


Breaded Veal Schnitzels

1 review

Fifteen Breaded Veal Schnitzels with a golden crust.

French Cut Grain Fed Veal Chops

5 reviews

Six 16oz French Cut Grain Fed Veal Chops, with a tender and delicate flavour.

8-12 tender and delicate French Cut Milk Fed Veal Chops.

18-21 portions of tender and thinly sliced Veal Scallopini.