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Customer Favourites

All of our top-rated products in one location - experience the best of the best with these customer favourites. Each product in this collection comes highly recommended, with options to suit any occasion, from backyard BBQs to black-tie dinner parties. Shop our range of crowd-pleasing classics and discover the convenience of Sealand’s premium meat and seafood delivery service.
Customer Favourites



Bring the exotic flavors of South Asia to your table with Sealand's Tandoori Chicken Skewers.

Six 500g packages of Organic Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth, rich in essential nutrients. Elevate your meals and your well-being with every spoonful.

16-20 individually vacuum-sealed Sweetheart Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts.

12oz Ribeye Steaks

18 reviews

Eight 12oz tender Ribeye Steaks with a rich and buttery flavour.

12oz New York Striploin Steaks

8 reviews

Eight lean and beefy 12oz New York Striploin Steaks, ready for the grill.

Bavette Steaks

33 reviews

12 marinated 6oz Bavette Steaks.

Beef Tenderloin Tips

11 reviews

3 individually vacuum-sealed packages of Beef Tenderloin Tips.

Colossal King Crab Legs

18 reviews

One large sealed bag of Colossal King Crab Legs.

Canadian Lobster Tails

23 reviews

8-13 wild-caught Canadian Lobster Tails in a resealable bag.

Natural Dry Scallops

22 reviews

Approximately 74 succulent wild caught Natural Dry Scallops.

Twelve 6oz Crème Brie, Apple and Cranberry Stuffed Chicken Breasts, ideal for special occasions.

Potato Crusted Cod Fillets

11 reviews

12-15 individual right-sized portions of Potato Crusted Cod Fillets.

Raw Red Wild Argentinian Shrimp

26 reviews

44-48 delicious Raw Red Wild Argentinian Shrimp.

12-13 sushi grade Skin On Centre Cut Norwegian Steelhead Salmon.

Bacon-Wrapped Natural Dry Scallops

15 reviews

90-95 Bacon Wrapped Natural Dry Scallops in 5 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) packages.

Personal Cedar Plank Salmon

10 reviews

11 marinated Personal Cedar Plank Salmon.

Herb and Garlic Shrimp Skewers

10 reviews

25 Herb and Garlic Shrimp Skewers ready for grilling.

Herb and Garlic Butterfly Shrimp

17 reviews

80-84 savoury Herb and Garlic Butterfly Shrimp.

Skinless Centre Cut Canadian Salmon

20 reviews

12-13 sushi grade Skinless Centre Cut Canadian Salmon.

Halibut Fillets

29 reviews

9-13 flash-frozen wild caught thick Halibut Fillets.

4oz Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steaks

13 reviews

Twenty-four 4oz mouthwatering Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steaks, a match made in heaven.