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Sealand stocks only the highest quality tuna, sourced from pristine waters around the globe and delivered right to your door. All our tuna is sushi grade for a melt-in-your-mouth culinary experience you won’t soon forget. From our mild and meaty Tuna Saku Blocks to our wild-caught Tuna Ahi Steaks, every product in this collection has been meticulously hand-selected to ensure only the finest tuna reaches your plate. Each tuna steak is expertly prepared and Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) to preserve the incredible taste and texture for unparalleled freshness and flavour.
sliced and seared Sealand Quality Foods Ahi Tuna Blocks on a plate with chopsticks, lime wedges and green onions


Tuna Saku Steaks

7 reviews

12-14 sushi grade, thick cut Ahi Tuna Saku Steaks.

Tuna Saku Blocks

5 reviews

7-12 firm Tuna Saku Blocks that are perfect for sushi, sashimi, and tataki.

Tuna Ahi Steaks

2 reviews

13-14 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) Tuna Ahi Steaks precision cut from premium Yellowfin Tuna.