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THINK Sealand this holiday season with premium meat, seafood and more delivered right to your door!


With Sealand’s range of pre-cooked products, anyone can experience fine dining from the comfort of their own home. Fast and convenient options for any occasion, from Extra Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp that are ready to thaw and serve in the perfect shrimp cocktail, to expertly pre-seasoned, Fully Cooked Pork Souvlaki Skewers ideal for warming on the grill. Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) to seal in the taste and texture, these pre-cooked products are big on flavour and small on work for gourmet dinners without the fuss.



90-95 Beef Meatballs - plenty for appetizers, meatball subs, or with your favourite pasta dish!

90-100 Chicken and Vegetable Dumpling Gyozas.

18 vacuum-sealed Chicken Souvlaki Skewers.

Cooked Beef Roasts

4 reviews

8 tender and juicy Cooked Beef Roasts.

Extra Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp

2 reviews

44-48 succulent Extra Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp cleaned, peeled, and deveined with the tail left on.

Fully Cooked Pork Souvlaki Skewers

1 review

20-22 Fully Cooked Pork Souvlaki Skewers, perfect for grilling.

Garlicky Chick-Un Bites

1 review
Gluten-Free Back Ribs in Barbecue Sauce

7 reviews

10 Gluten-Free Back Ribs in BBQ sauce, individually vacuum-sealed.

Three large vacuum-sealed packs of mouthwatering Gluten-Free Pulled Pork.

10-12 wild caught Greenland Snow Crab Clusters in a sealed bag.

Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp

4 reviews

84-92 Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp cleaned, peeled and deveined.

Lobster Claws

7 reviews

16-18 deliciously irresistible Canadian Lobster Claws.

48-50 cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Fingers.

Eight servings of Chef-Prepared, Ready to Eat in Minutes meals that are inspired by the flavours of the world.

Four tender and juicy Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) Sous Vide Half Chickens.

Six racks of fall-off-the-bone Sous Vide Pork Back Ribs.

Sweet Chili Chick-Un Tenders

1 review

46 deliciously savoury Sweet Chili Chick-Un Tenders.

Eight servings of Chef-Prepared, Vegetarian Ready to Eat in Minutes meals.