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Most Asked
Sealand Quality Foods takes in-person and online orders for premium, individually quick frozen meat & seafood that is then personally delivered in specific regions across Canada. Place your order online, pay online or Cash On Delivery (COD), note your consultant's name if you have one already and any special instructions in notes for delivery. If you do not have a consultant, one will be assigned to you according to your delivery area. Your consultant will be in touch with you by phone within 24-48 hours from when you place your order to make delivery arrangements that work for you.  
We personally deliver to most parts of Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec. Where we can not deliver to in person, shipping can be arranged if that works for the customer and only after speaking with the customer. When you place your online order, if you are out of our personal delivery area, Sealand Head office will contact you by the number you provided on your order, to personally make shipping arrangements with you.
We source from local producers, when possible, as well as international suppliers for products not found in Canada, such as our Orange Roughy from New Zealand. 
We source from local producers, when possible, as well as international suppliers for products not found in Canada, such as Australian or New Zealand lamb. 
Yes, Sealand is a Canadian Company, family owned and operated.
Individually Quick Frozen or IQF products are frozen separately from each other very quickly at high temperatures to retain quality and freshness. It can also be referred to as ‘flash freezing’. One benefit of IQF is that it provides separate units of food, making it easy to defrost and use the exact amount that you need. On a molecular level, it retains the size, taste and cell structure of the product better than other, more traditional freezing methods. 
Compared to other similar home delivery companies, we are much less in price, or we put more in the box. This is a great example of you get what you pay for and to be honest, some customers have gone back to buying from the grocery store, only to return to us after truly realizing the difference. We have also seen some butcher and fish store prices even higher than ours. Needless to say but restaurants have become almost impossible to afford for most, so people are buying our better quality and learning how to make amazing meals at home that become even better than what’s available at a fraction of the cost of going out. Bon appetit!
The presence of ice on our crab is a sign of its exceptional freshness. When crabs are caught, they are naturally wet from the sea. To preserve their peak quality and flavour, we flash-freeze our seafood immediately after it is caught. This rapid freezing process ensures that the crab remains fresh, resulting in some ice buildup. Rest assured, this ice helps lock in the natural taste and texture of the crab, delivering the best possible product to your table.
Sealand carries both sustainably raised and wild caught fish and seafood options to address different customer requests.
Ocean Wise, Main Stewardship Council (MSC), Safe Quality Food (SQF), HACCP and GMP, and CFIA Safe Food for Canadians.
Yes, Sealand does carry some organic products
Absolutely! Our products are IQF (individually quick frozen). The packaging is only to keep it tamper proof before purchase. 
No, any product stating Gluten Free must be in an isolated plant and free from cross contamination
We list allergens on each product label and under Ingredients for each product on the website. If you ever have any questions, head office is happy to help by calling 1-855-312-2677.
We recommend our products to be used in 6-12 months being that they are IQF. If thawed, please don’t refreeze. 
We do not customize boxes at this time. We do offer a selection of boxes that come with variety in them. Our quantities are decided on to last our customers about 3 months, this is the time when our Culinary Consultants will try to stop back in to see you. 
You can find the cooking instructions on our product labels and under the Cooking Instructions tab for each product on the website.
You can find this information on our website in the Details tab for each product. 
We offer digital Gift Card Codes that you can print as a gift or email to your loved ones.
Yes, but even better, they are free of any unnatural waters pumped in so they maintain the size. They do cook quicker for this reason so be careful not to overcook. 
Yes, we do carry a variety of plant-based and vegetarian options, some of which are also found under our Gluten Free Menu
Fresh seafood is top quality, but is not readily available in many areas of Canada. Flash frozen, or IQF, fish and seafood ensure each piece stays fresh tasting. The freezing process kills any harmful bacteria with minimal loss to the nutritional value. Make sure to defrost fish or seafood out of the packaging in the refrigerator or a cold water bath. Do not place in warm water as it will impact the texture of the fish. Frozen fish and seafood help reduce shipping emissions and the individual portions minimize household food waste. Freezing fish as soon as possible after being caught also supports local fishermen with small scale shipping operations. 
No, there are no minimum purchase requirements. Delivery by Sealand Quality Foods is always FREE.
No, and we do not offer a subscription service. Our customers control their orders, what they would like to order and how often. 
You can contact our head office at 1-855-312-2677 and we will be happy to get you that information.
Yes! We encourage ordering online so you can take advantage of our personal delivery service, while shopping at your convenience. You can see our entire menu online while also taking advantage of any offers and promo codes you may have received from us. Our website offers fun and delicious recipes as well!
That is not our model, but we do sell to some businesses who find the quality better than what they have access to.
You can contact your Culinary Consultant with the phone number they have provided to you or you can contact our head office at 1- 855 -312 -2677 and we will be happy to get your Consultant in touch with you. 
Delivery to your door is FREE inside our service areas.   Please call our toll free number 1-855-312-2677 if you feel you may be in a remote area of Canada.
All of our locations are warehouses and not ideal for a shopping experience. We are happy to come to you! You can always shop in person at your home, office or cottage from our state of the art Sealand freezers, purchase your selections on the spot and start cooking in no time! Maybe you have friends and family over and don’t know what to have for dinner? Call us and we can stop by with something for everyone to enjoy! 
The cost to ship is typically free. We have had to apply a charge after discussion with customers, for extremely remote areas like Northwest Territories, if and when it requires third party shipping to reach some remote locations in Canada. 
Never! Our Culinary Consultants will call within 24-48 hours of an online order being placed to set up the best time to hand deliver your products. Nothing will ever be left to thaw or be tampered with. 
Click here or go to sealandqualityfoods.com, at the top left of the home page where it says JOIN, click JOIN and follow the steps to creating your online account. If you have any trouble at all, please call 1-855-312-2677 and we will be happy to help!
Yes, you can reset your Sealand account password. When trying to login, select ‘Forgot Password’ and submit your email address. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. 
Once you login to your online account, you will be taken to My Account where you can see a list of all previous orders. Click the re-order button for any order to easily add it to your cart.

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