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Explore Sealand’s extensive range of premium seafood. We source the finest seafood from around the globe and deliver it to your door for restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of your home. Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) right after being caught to preserve the natural taste and texture for unbeatable quality and freshness. From Black Tiger Shrimp and Natural Dry Scallops to luxurious Caribbean Warm Water Lobster Tails and Alaskan Colossal King Crab Legs, our premium collection has everything you need for your next seafood extravaganza. Order online and discover why so many Canadians trust Sealand's seafood delivery service.


Almond Crusted Sole Fillets

5 reviews

12-14 deliciously crispy Almond Crusted Sole Fillets.

Arctic Char Fillets

5 reviews

10-12 skin on individually frozen Icelandic Arctic Char Fillets.

Bacon-Wrapped Natural Dry Scallops

13 reviews

90-95 Bacon Wrapped Natural Dry Scallops in 5 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) packages.

Battered Haddock Fillets

8 reviews

8-9 pub style crispy, golden Battered Haddock Fillets.

Black Cod Fillets

3 reviews

10-11 skin on, wild caught Black Cod Fillets.

Breaded Bar Clams

1 review

One large, 2.5lbs resealable bag of Atlantic Breaded Bar Clams in a light, crispy coating.

Breaded Calamari Rings

3 reviews

70-72 Breaded Calamari Rings in one large vacuum-sealed bag.

Canadian Lobster Tails

23 reviews

8-13 wild-caught Canadian Lobster Tails in a resealable bag.

Caribbean Crusted Tilapia Fillets

1 review

10-12 chef-prepared Caribbean Crusted Tilapia Fillets.

Chilean Sea Bass

8 reviews

10-11 wild caught Chilean Sea Bass Fillets.

Coconut Crusted Tilapia Fillets

1 review

12-14 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) Coconut Crusted Tilapia Fillets.

Cod Loins

5 reviews

10-14 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) extra thick Cod Loins.

Colossal King Crab Legs

17 reviews

One large vacuum-sealed pack of Colossal King Crab Legs.

Colossal Raw Black Tiger Shrimp

8 reviews

22-25 Colossal Raw Black Tiger Shrimp with easy-peel shells.

3-6 Colossal Warm Water Lobster Tails, Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) for ultimate freshness and taste.

Crab Stuffed Salmon Pinwheels

7 reviews

Fourteen 6oz delectable Crab Stuffed Salmon Pinwheels.

Extra Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp

2 reviews

44-48 succulent Extra Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp cleaned, peeled, and deveined with the tail left on.

Firecracker Calamari Bites

2 reviews

32-35 succulent Firecracker Calamari Bites (18 x 3.5oz) in two large vacuum-sealed packages.

38-40 plump and meaty Frog Legs (20 x 3.5oz servings).

Gluten-Free Coconut Shrimp

5 reviews

72-78 mouthwatering Gluten-Free Coconut Shrimp.

Gluten-Free Cod Nuggets

1 review

75-80 crowd-pleasing Gluten-Free Cod Nuggets.

Twenty-four 4oz Gluten-Free Salmon Burgers, vacuum-sealed in 4 individual packages.

60-70 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) Green Lipped Mussels (45 x 1.4oz servings).

Guinness Battered Cod

5 reviews

20-24 crispy Guinness Battered Cod for a pub style meal.

10-11 wild caught Canadian Haddock Fillets (26 x 3oz servings) that are firm yet tender.

Haddock Loins

1 review

15-21 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) wild caught Haddock Loins (26 x 3oz servings).

Halibut Fillets

27 reviews

9-13 flash-frozen wild caught thick Halibut Fillets.

Herb and Garlic Butterfly Shrimp

14 reviews

80-84 savoury Herb and Garlic Butterfly Shrimp.

Herb and Garlic Shrimp Skewers

9 reviews

25 Herb and Garlic Shrimp Skewers ready for grilling.

12-14 savoury Herb Crusted Cod Fillets.

Jonah Crab Claws

7 reviews

85 delicious Jonah Crab Claws (18 x 3.5oz servings).

Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp

4 reviews

84-92 Large Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp cleaned, peeled and deveined.

Large Raw Black Tiger Shrimp

4 reviews

68-72 Large Raw Black Tiger Shrimp, cleaned, peeled, and deveined with the tail on.

Lobster Claws

7 reviews

16-18 deliciously irresistible Canadian Lobster Claws.

Lobster Seafood Cakes

5 reviews

Twenty-eight 3oz Lobster Seafood Cakes, handmade with real lobster.

Mahi Mahi Fillets

1 review

13-20 Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) wild caught Mahi Mahi Fillets (23 x 4oz servings).

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