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Buffalo chicken burgers with fries, red chilis, blue cheese and celery

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Breast Burgers

If you think that fast food can't be gourmet, try making these spicy buffalo chicken breast burgers!

The recipe showcases some incredible flavours and ingredients, with succulent chicken breast burgers, crumbly blue cheese, delicate shallots and peppery arugula, all smothered in a creamy buffalo sauce. Easy, convenient and delicious - this is not your average fast food fare!

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Sealand mustard and herb roast top sirloin with potato wedges

Mustard and Herb Roast Top Sirloin

Is your family tired of boring, flavourless roasts? Try making this mouthwatering Mustard and Herb Roast Top Sirloin recipe!

Featuring Sealand's premium top sirloin roast, perfectly seasoned and generously coated in a tangy mustard and herb crust. A delectable combination of flavours that's sure to make Sunday roasts everyone's favourite meal of the week!

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Sealand oven roasted ribs with French fries and creamy bbq dip

How to Oven Roast Chicken and Ribs Combo

When it comes to preparing restaurant-quality chicken and ribs, it doesn't get much easier than this!

Simply bake Sealand's ludicrously tender Chicken and Ribs Combo in the oven and serve with crispy French fries, velvety sweet potato mash and a creamy BBQ sauce. A melt-in-your-mouth feast that's sure to keep any meat lover happy!

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Sealand skinless centre cut salmon sushi burritos with spicy dips

Canadian Skinless Salmon Sushi Burrito

Treat your dinner guests to a culinary adventure with this delicious salmon sushi burrito recipe.

The perfect fusion of Eastern flavours and Western convenience, with melt-in-your-mouth sushi-grade salmon, fresh vegetables and spicy sriracha mayo, all wrapped in a humongous, burrito-sized seaweed sheet. A must-try for any sushi lover!

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Sealand bacon wrapped tenderloin steaks with a creamy peppercorn sauce

Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin with Peppercorn Sauce

You don't need a fancy restaurant to enjoy a memorable date night - just some top-quality ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe!

Our melt-in-your-mouth bacon-wrapped tenderloin steaks are the perfect way to impress that special someone. And with a classic peppercorn sauce, this homecooked meal is guaranteed to deliver the full steakhouse experience.

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Sealand sous vide chicken with pesto ravioli

How to Sous Vide Chicken and Rib Combo

Discover your new favourite way to cook chicken and ribs with the magic of the sous vide technique.

With Sealand's individually vacuum-sealed Chicken and Rib Combo, preparing melt-in-your-mouth chicken and fall-off-the-bone ribs is unbelievably simple and convenient. Featuring two delicious side options with creamy pesto ravioli and a vibrant taco salad, this mouthwatering recipe is perfect for dinner parties or family gatherings

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Sealand creamy lemon chicken over pasta in a bowl with fresh herbs and lemon slices

Creamy Lemon Chicken Over Pasta

Combining sophistication with comfort, this creamy bowl of lemon chicken pasta is sure to become a new family favourite.

Featuring succulent chicken breasts, nutty parmesan cheese and a velvety lemon sauce, all soaking into a bed of fluffy pasta. Each bite is infused with harmonious flavours and luxurious textures for the ultimate comfort food indulgence.

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Sealand gluten free beyond burgers in a basket with fries

Gluten Free Beyond Burgers

Keep everyone happy this BBQ season with our Gluten Free Beyond Burgers.

An ideal meat-free option that looks great on the grill and doesn't sacrifice on taste. With these convenient and delicious burgers, it's never been easier to add more plant-based alternatives to your diet.

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Sealand Mediterranean lamb platter with tahini sauce

Mediterranean Lamb Platter with Tahini Sauce

If you are looking for a delicious and easy meal that can feed a crowd, look no further than this Mediterranean lamb platter with tahini sauce.

This recipe features tender and juicy Lamb Spiedini skewers served alongside a tantalizing selection of fresh and vibrant Mediterranean ingredients. Dip it all in the creamy tahini sauce or make individual handheld pitas for the perfect summer sharing platter.

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Sealand Greek Baked Salmon with fresh salad

Greek Baked Salmon

Discover how easy it is to prepare a delicious and healthy meal any night of the week with this Greek Baked Salmon recipe.

The rich, nutrient-packed flavour of the salmon is perfectly complimented by the light and zesty freshness of the salad for a wholesome, nutritious dish ideal for relaxed evenings on the patio.

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Sealand breaded calamari rings with homemade tartar sauce and chipotle sauce

Breaded Calamari with Homemade Tartar Sauce & Chipotle Sauce

Searching for a quick and easy appetizer for your next party or family gathering? Try this recipe for breaded calamari with a choice of classic homemade dips.

Featuring tender calamari rings coated in a crispy golden breading, just waiting to be dipped in cool and tangy tartar sauce or rich and creamy chipotle sauce. A party platter favourite!

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Sealand gluten free Chicken Cordon Bleu with a pear balsamic salad plated and ready to serve

Gluten Free Chicken Cordon Bleu with a Pear Balsamic Salad

Now everyone can enjoy this gourmet classic with Sealand's Gluten Free Chicken Cordon Bleu.

This recipe takes the crispiest, juiciest cordon bleu and combines it with a sweet and tangy walnut pear balsamic salad for a summer dish that's perfect for entertaining.

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