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Cooking with Sealand Quality Foods

Whether you're a seasoned home chef or just starting to explore the kitchen, we have 60+ recipes you're going to want to try. Learn the best ways to cook our premium products, from the grill to the oven to the air fryer. We'll walk you through easy homemade dips all the way through to how to cook Crab Legs.

Sealand buffalo chicken finger wrap with bleu cheese sauce

Buffalo Chicken Fingers Wrap/Cup with Bleu Cheese Sauce

These buffalo chicken fingers with bleu cheese sauce are perfect for any occasion.

In just a few simple steps, they can be turned into humongous, filling wraps or minimalist, stylish appetizer cups. With a spicy buffalo dressing and creamy bleu cheese sauce, this recipe packs a whole lot of flavour without the fuss! 

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Buffalo chicken burgers with fries, red chilis, blue cheese and celery

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Breast Burgers

If you think that fast food can't be gourmet, try making these spicy buffalo chicken breast burgers!

The recipe showcases some incredible flavours and ingredients, with succulent chicken breast burgers, crumbly blue cheese, delicate shallots and peppery arugula, all smothered in a creamy buffalo sauce. Easy, convenient and delicious - this is not your average fast food fare!

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Sealand mustard and herb roast top sirloin with potato wedges

Mustard and Herb Top Sirloin Roast

Is your family tired of boring, flavourless roasts? Try making this mouthwatering Mustard and Herb Top Sirloin Roast recipe!

Featuring Sealand's premium top sirloin roast, perfectly seasoned and generously coated in a tangy mustard and herb crust. A delectable combination of flavours that's sure to make Sunday roasts everyone's favourite meal of the week!

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The Best Foods To Cook In Your Air Fryer

The air fryer is an extremely versatile kitchen appliance that can cook an enormous variety of foods, from meats and seafood to vegetables and even desserts.

Discover the best foods to cook and learn how to get the most out of your air fryer with this quick guide.