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About Us

Sealand Quality Foods

A Canadian Household Name

A Sealand representative is very much a modern-day incarnation of the old-fashioned neighborhood butcher, who knew his customers on a first name basis and provided personalized service.

With a Head Office in Ontario, and warehouses across the country, we offer Canadians a unique personalized shopping concept. At Sealand Quality Foods we deliver flash frozen, individual right-sized portions of products directly to your door, helping your family eat well and make easy meal choices.

Who We Are

The Sealand Family

When you order from Sealand Quality Foods, you're not just getting food delivery! We aim to connect with you to build relationships, suggest delicious recipes, and provide product recommendations that satisfy.

Do you have an event coming up? Let's plan a menu together. Want to surprise your wife for date night? We have you covered. Whether you're stocking up the freezer for back to school or celebrating a win, we're there alongside helping you decide on the best foods for the occasion.

Learn more about Sealand's 35 years of food delivery history that continues to bring us to your door.

The Sealand Story
What You Get

The Sealand Difference

At the core of our business is the idea that Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) foods provide ultimate convenience, freshness, and right-sized portions that suit the busy lives of Canadians. A lot of research has gone into the product lines that we offer, the food that we source, and the suppliers that we use.

In our online store you can find options to suit dietary preferences from Gluten-Free to Vegetarian. We also pride ourselves on offering specialty items that are hard to find at your local grocery store. We want you to be able to THINK Sealand for the best in frozen meat, seafood and more!

Curious about iQF? We've busted some common myths surrounding Individually Quick Frozen Foods.