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The Best Fish to Sizzle on Your Grill

Grilling fish on the BBQ is a great way to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. The gentle kiss of the flames creates a smokey char that enhances the meat's delicate, flaky succulence. With crispy skin and BBQ infused flavour, grilled fish are a true culinary delight that are sure to make a splash at your next backyard gathering. 

But which fish are right for the BBQ? There are many factors to consider, such as the flavour, texture, size, and thickness. Some fish are more delicate and prone to falling apart, while others can withstand high heat and direct flame.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best fish to grill on the BBQ and share a few tips and tricks to elevate your grilling game. So grab your tongs, fire up the grill, and let's embark on a mouthwatering journey through the top contenders. 

Salmon - The Grilling Maestro

Sealand personal salmon on cedar planks with salad and fresh orange slices

Salmon is an extremely versatile fish that can be cooked in many different ways, but its high-fat content makes it a grill master's dream.

The flames slowly melt the fat, rendering the skin and creating succulent, flaky perfection. Use our Skin On Centre Cut Norwegian Steelhead Salmon to prevent sticking and provide a delightful crispy texture. Or treat your guests to something special with our Personal Cedar Plank Salmon, infused with smoked orange, apple and ginger.

A zesty lemon and dill marinade will complement the salmon's natural flavours without overpowering them. Just remember, patience is key: grill at medium heat to avoid overcooking this seafood superstar.

Tuna - Embrace the Sear

Sealand tuna saku steak grilled and sliced and served with a mango avocado salad

Grilling tuna is a simple and delicious way to enjoy this mouthwateringly tender fish. With it's firm texture and rich flavour, tuna can stand up to the high heat and smoky aromas of the BBQ. It's also easy to prepare and cook, as it only needs a few minutes per side to reach a perfect medium-rare doneness.

For the best experience, use thick cut premium tuna like our sushi grade Tuna Ahi Steaks and Tuna Saku SteaksTuna steaks should be seared over high heat for a short time to preserve their moistness and flavour. Try pairing with different sauces, marinades, and spices to create new and exciting dishes.

Whether you prefer a simple salt and pepper seasoning, a tangy lemon and herb dressing, or a spicy Asian-inspired glaze, tuna will always deliver a satisfying and delicious meal from the grill. 

Halibut - Delicate yet Daring

Sealand halibut fillets with fresh salad and lemon slices

Halibut's flaky texture might seem delicate, but with a little preparation, it can be grilled to absolute perfection. Its mild, slightly sweet taste is a blank canvas for your culinary creativity.

To keep your halibut moist, use thicker cuts like our wild caught Halibut Fillets. You can also try marinating it in a citrusy blend and using a fish basket or grilling mat to prevent sticking. Grill with care, aiming for deep grill marks without losing the juicy tenderness.

Halibut is a lean and healthy source of protein that can be grilled whole, in fillets or in skewers, and pairs well with fresh vegetables and salads.

Mahi Mahi - A Tropical Tango

Sealand individually quick frozen mahi mahi fillets on cutting board with seasoning ingredients

In the world of grilled fish, Mahi Mahi effortlessly earns its place among the top culinary contenders. This vibrant fish, with its firm yet succulent flesh, brings a taste of the tropics straight to your grill grates.

Mahi Mahi's hearty texture holds up beautifully under the heat, making it a perfect candidate for direct grilling. Whether you're embracing the island vibes with a zesty pineapple and jalapeno marinade or keeping it classic with a citrus-infused concoction, Mahi Mahi's delightful flavour shines through.

So, when you're seeking an unforgettable grilling experience that transports your taste buds to sun-kissed shores, Mahi Mahi is the perfect choice! 

Rainbow Trout - A Feast For the Eyes

Sealand rainbow trout fillets on a wooden board with garnish

Few fish look as good on the grill as rainbow trout. With its tender flesh and subtle nutty undertones, this freshwater feast offers a symphony of flavours and textures that are amplified by the smoky flames of the grill.

Our perfectly portioned, wild-caught Canadian Rainbow Trout Fillets are the ideal size to cook quickly and evenly on the grill, allowing the infusion of BBQ flavours without compromising the delicate texture.

Grilled rainbow trout is delicious with a simple herb and butter treatment, or you can try experimenting with your favourite seasonings and spices. So for a delectable combination of rich, crispy skin and moist, flaky meat, fire up your BBQ and get grilling!

Arctic Char - The Name Says it All

Sealand arctic char fillets with fresh vegetables

If ever a fish sounded like it belonged on the grill, it would be arctic char! This true northern treasure brings a unique blend of flavours and textures to the barbecue scene.

Boasting a rich, meaty taste reminiscent of both salmon and trout, our Iceland-caught Arctic Char Fillets are made for the grill. With their naturally high fat content, these fillets love to dance in the flames, developing a tantalizingly crispy skin that contrasts exquisitely with their tender, flaky flesh.

Offering a taste of the icy wilderness with each bite, try creating your own herb rub and enjoy a little char on your Arctic Char!

Snapper - Coastal Crispiness

 Sealand snapper fillets with green beans and lemon slices

Snapper, a favourite in coastal cuisines, is another grill-friendly choice that will not disappoint. With its lean, firm texture, snapper can be cooked directly over the BBQ grates for a delicious infusion of smoky, flame-grilled flavour.

The mild, slightly sweet flesh of our wild caught Snapper Fillets takes well to both marinades and dry rubs, allowing you to get adventurous and experiment with different recipes. To get that satisfying crispiness, grill it skin-side down on medium-high heat. 

Indulge in the perfect balance between delicious char and flaky tenderness with this mouthwatering taste of paradise.

Chilean Seabass - Buttery Elegance

Sealand snapper fillets with green beans and lemon slices

Chilean Sea Bass - renowned for its buttery richness and velvety texture - is a true indulgence on the grill.

Its high fat content helps it form a golden, caramelized crust and stops it from drying out while cooking. As the flames work their magic, the skin crisps to perfection, revealing an opulent, melt-in-your-mouth interior that will have your tastebuds dancing with excitement! 

Chilean Sea Bass beckons creative exploration, embracing marinades infused with fragrant herbs, zesty citruses, or indulgent butters. The grill imparts a smoky depth that marries flawlessly with the fish's inherent luxuriousness, delivering an experience that your BBQ guests won't soon forget.

For those seeking grilling grandeur, Chilean Sea Bass is an ideal choice that redefines the very essence of culinary elegance over open flames.

Pickerel - A Delicious Pick

Sealand pickerel fillets grilled and served with salsa and avocado

Pickerel, also known as Walleye, is a freshwater fish that has a delicate flavour and flaky texture. Our boneless Canadian Pickerel Fillets are firm, with skin on one side, which make them the perfect choice for the BBQ.

The heat of the flames results in a char-kissed exterior that complements the fish's flaky interior and brings out its innate succulence. Whether marinated in a zesty blend or simply seasoned with a sprinkle of herbs, pickerel absorbs flavours well, turning each bite into a delightful journey of taste and tenderness.

Pickerel is a healthy and delicious source of lean protein that's just begging for a little flame-grilled magic!

Final Thoughts

Remember, seafood grilling is an art as much as a science. Always start with a clean and well-oiled grill to prevent sticking. Invest in a good-quality fish basket or grilling mat for those more delicate options, and let's not forget the golden rule of grilling: timing. Each fish is different and deserves just the right dance with the flames for optimal flavour and texture.

Shop Sealand's premium fish collection for the finest quality products delivered right to your door. All of our fish are Individually Quick Frozen (iQF) to lock in that just-caught taste and texture for unbeatable freshness and ultimate convenience.

So there you have it, a lineup of the best fish to ignite your grill and your taste buds. With these fin-tastic choices and a touch of grilling finesse, there'll be no need to fish for compliments when hosting your next backyard soirée.

Happy grilling!

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