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6 Grilling Recipes For The Spring

Sunshine, fresh air and the perfect sear – grilling season is almost here, and it's time to bring something new to the flame.

This season, take your grill nights to the next level with six exceptional grilling recipes from Sealand Quality Foods, crafted to make every bite a masterpiece. 

French Cut Pork Chops On The Grill

A spread of grilled french cut pork chops with crispy potatoes

Invite elegance to your grill with Sealand’s French Cut Grilled Pork Chop grilling recipe. Each chop is soaked in a mouth-watering marinade of herbs and spices to bring out the natural flavours and enhance them. Grill to perfection and serve with a side of seasonal vegetables for a tastebud experience, after which no other pork chop will measure up.

4-Ingredient BBQ Chicken Thighs

Simple grilled chicken thighs with crispy golden skin

Simplify your summer cooking with Sealand's BBQ Chicken Thigh recipe, where delicious and easy go hand-in-hand. This recipe requires only four ingredients and focuses on the quality and richness of Sealand Chicken Thighs to deliver a spectacular meal with minimal effort. It’s the perfect recipe for a relaxing day by the grill.

Chef Ivar’s Grilled Lobster Recipe

Perfectly seasoned, buttery grilled lobster tails on a plate

Take your grilling up a notch this spring by trying Chef Ivar’s Grilled Lobster recipe. Hear the lobster tails sizzling over the coals, brushed with a buttery, herbed glaze that supercharges the lobster's savoury flavours. This culinary delight is more than a feast for the eyes – it’s a sea-kissed delight that will send your senses straight to the coast.

Carolina’s Best BBQ Meat Sauce

Carolina’s best BBQ meat sauce

This meat sauce grilling recipe brings a tangy twist to your barbecue with its vinegar-based blend, spiked with a hint of sweetness and a warm, peppery finish. It's the perfect complement to any meat, infusing each bite with deep, smoky flavours and a zesty kick that will have your taste buds dancing.

Gluten Free Beyond Burgers

Sealand’s Gluten Free Beyond Meat burgers and fries

Indulge in the guilt-free pleasure of Sealand's Gluten-Free Beyond Burgers, where hearty meets healthy in a delicious dance of flavours. These burgers are a game-changer for anyone looking to satisfy their cravings without the gluten.

Packed with rich, savoury tastes and perfectly complemented by a variety of fresh, colourful toppings, these burgers promise a delightful eating experience that everyone at your table can enjoy.

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steak With Caprese Salad

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Steak on a plate with a side of Caprese Salad

Transform your backyard grill into a gourmet kitchen with Sealand’s Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin Steak and a side of Caprese salad. This dish marries the smokiness of bacon with the tenderness of steak, wrapped in a flavour-packed ensemble that’s grilled to your liking. The simple yet elegant Caprese salad adds a burst of freshness to complete this exquisite meal.

The Grill Awaits

Ribeye steaks on the grill

Like it or not, you’re an artist and every bite is your masterpiece. Some might say it’s your destiny. So grab your tongs and your apron – adventure awaits on your grill grates. 

Before you head out to clean your grates with half an onion (if you know, you know), don’t forget to stock up on the right ingredients. Shop our selection of premium meats and seafood today and order online for free delivery across Canada.

Here's to long, warm nights filled with good food and great company.

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