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Feature image for blog about the best fish for grilling showing BBQ pickerel fillets with a graphic overlay

The Best Fish to Sizzle on Your Grill

Smokey flavour, perfectly charred grilled marks and deliciously crispy skin - it's easy to see why barbecuing is one of our favourite ways to prepare fish.

From the rich decadence of Chilean Sea Bass to the delicate flakiness of Rainbow Trout, we've curated a list of the ultimate fish to sizzle on your grill.

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Sealand cooked shrimp in a bowl with fresh herbs and lemon

Shrimp Sizing Guide

Shrimp are a nutritious and versatile product that can be used in an enormous variety of dishes. And while they are easy to prepare and even easier to eat, understanding the different sizes isn't always as straightforward. 

This quick guide teaches you everything you need to know about shrimp sizing and helps you to choose the perfect shrimp for any occasion.

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