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Sealand Quality Foods Since 1986

Today, Sealand is continuing the high standards of the original concept. We are committed to providing premium natural food products, with excellent service and values. Our foundation is built on long term relationships. Through communication and education our professional team will strive to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Offering a new and unique personalized shopping concept, Sealand Quality Foods delivers flash frozen, individual right-sized portions of products directly to the customer's door.

Sealand was founded in 1986 by three young aspiring associates, Brian Parker, Sal Occhipinti, and Henry Asmann, two of whom had sales and marketing experience and one who was familiar with the food industry.  Believing that people wanted high-quality gourmet food delivered directly to their home, the three associates opened their first office in Mississauga, Ontario, offering twenty-five different food choices, and began selling the products on their own for the first six months.

The company quickly grew, and a second office was soon opened in Burlington, Ontario.  From there, the company experienced spectacular growth across Canada, establishing satellite offices in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and in 1992, expanding its operations into the northeastern United States.

In addition to its central packing plant in Markham, Ontario, the company had its own federally inspected gourmet food plant and wholesale fish plant.  From Markham, refrigerated trucks carried the products to the regional satellite offices, each of which was equipped with its own refrigerated warehouse.  Each of the company’s 200 sales representatives checked in every day to their local office. They restocked the refrigerated vehicle each sales representative had, with fresh supplies to fill the customers’ requirements.

One of the key factors in the consumer appeal of Sealand’s products was the portioning. Sealand’s portion control eliminated the waste by cutting away excess fat and bones.  This method enabled a closer, more efficient trim, as well as an exact cost per portion.  It also ensured the customer only pays for what can be eaten.

Striving to be the leaders in the industry in all aspects of the business, Sealand had a continual upgrading process of vehicles and equipment, allowing each employee to have new and innovative equipment, while maintaining Sealand at the forefront of the industry. As a result, employee morale and loyalty was very high.

At that time, Sealand was offering close to seventy portion-controlled choices. Sealand had plans to further expand the customer base, through its established commitment to offering its customers the best value possible, delivered directly to one’s home or office coast to coast.

Fast forward to today, years after Sealand’s original owners and the company retired, one of its original Executive Managers, Joe Bailey, and his daughter Dawn, who is also passionate and knowledgeable about the industry, realized that all the big box stores and high production food supply chains are no longer ‘The Healthier Choice’. Realizing once again, that consumers are demanding a better, healthier and more personalized and diversified culinary experience.

Sealand Quality Foods was resurrected and distributes its proprietary line of over one hundred individually quick-frozen premium products (iQF Products), at reasonable prices delivered to your home, office, or cottage via your personal Culinary Consultant.  

This family-owned company, along with its new team, has even greater ethics, spirit and passion, and brings to it, the best value and convenience using modern day tools and technology. We are honoured to offer the Original Sealand Quality Foods experience to even more Canadians coast to coast… again.


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