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Share the Love of Food

The Sealand family is passionate about giving back to our community. Over the years, that community has stretched across Canada! So, we had to figure out a way to give back to all of the regions that support us in turn. From that idea, the first Share The Love of Food Tour was born. In 2020, our Culinary Consultants in each province dropped boxes (and boxes!) of food off at Women’s Shelters across the county. 

Last year, we continued that tradition with the 2021 Share The Love of Food Tour in partnership with Naturally Splendid Enterprises. By donating their plant-based snacks, we contributed to programs providing protein portions to those in need over the holidays.

Share The Love of Food Tour

Here is our Manager, Josh, hidden behind the boxes of donations in the freezer! He is getting ready to head out to the first stop on the Love of Food (LOF) Tour at Food For Life in Burlington.

Inside those boxes are Garlicky Chick-un Bites and Peanut Butter Snack Bites. We were also able to contribute an extra 528 portions of Crispy Chick-un Cutlets, in support of their program to help seniors over the holiday season.

All throughout December, the Tour continued! Below are Amy and Jason, two of our Consultants from the London Office, with members from the Ark Aid Street Mission accepting the donations. 

“There was so much gratitude and love in receiving the donations, I  wish you were there to see their faces. They were so happy!” 

We continued onwards, sharing our love of food at Denise House in Oshawa, the Ottawa Food Bank and the Kanata Food Cupboard. From these stops, the Tour moved West. Here are some of our favourite snaps to commemorate!

Love of Food Tour Collage

Here is Kelsey, in front of the CityReach Care Society. They are a charitable organization, helping individuals and families with food security in the Greater Vancouver Area. We will be doing more initiatives over the course of this year in support of their food programs. 

Recently, our Edmonton Office even took it a step further with their own ‘Beyond The Love of Food Tour’ donation. They delivered to the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre (WEAC) in downtown Edmonton. 

It has been heart-warming to watch our team come together and be proud of how they’re giving back. If you have suggestions for stops on the 2022 Share The Love of Food Tour, be sure to send them to sealand@iqfqualityfoods.com. 

Here is the full list of stops on the 2021 Share The Love of Food Tour. They do incredible work in their community, and please consider supporting them in their efforts to help those in need. 

Love of Food Tour Stop List


Just a great family-owned company THE BAILEY, S with a very big heart
Thank -you for your community kindness to those that need
a help-up.
to the Sealand Team …..THANK YOU

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