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Cooking Christmas Dinner with Sealand Quality Foods

Take the hassle out of Christmas dinner this year with a Sealand meat and seafood delivery!

Christmas is a time when family and friends gather together to share love, laughter and a whole lot of great food! Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty two, we’ve got you covered with a fantastic range of easy-to-prepare culinary delights. And with our food delivery service, there’s no last minute grocery store madness to deal with. Just a few clicks is all it takes to have the best quality meat and seafood delivered straight to your door, freeing you up to focus on the important things, like making more eggnog!

So if you’re looking for some ideas for a fancy Christmas feast without all the fuss, then keep reading for our hand-picked festive favourites!


We all know that things can get pretty hectic in the kitchen on Christmas day, so the last thing you want is an elaborate appetizer taking up valuable cooking time and oven space! With that in mind, all of these options are not only delicious but also ridiculously quick and easy to make.


Christmas Dinner with Sealand Turkey Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans


Shrimp Cooked XL - These humongous, three-bite, Black Tiger shrimp make an ideal starter as prawn cocktails or even just served in a glass with seafood sauce. They come cooked, peeled and deveined, meaning all that’s left for you to do is thaw and serve!

Sealand Quality Foods XL Shrimp in Glasses with Seafood Sauce

Jonah Crab Claws - Another great thaw and serve hor d'oeuvre, these crab claws are a fantastic Christmas treat that will really set the tone of the meal and add a touch of class to the proceedings.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops - If you’re looking for an appetizer that's a tried and tested crowd pleaser, then look no further! We’re talking plump and juicy scallops swaddled in meaty bacon deliciousness - a match made in culinary heaven! These are so good that you might want to pick up a few extra boxes for “the elves”.

Sealand Quality Foods Bacon Wrapped Scallops on Cutting Board

Garlicky Chick-un Bites - It’s always nice to have a plant based option for anyone at the table who is following an alternative diet. But be careful, because these meat-free balls of goodness are so tasty that everyone is going to want to try them! Simply heat in the oven for 15 minutes and then serve with your favourite dipping sauce!

Crab Salmon Pinwheel or Spinach Salmon Pinwheel - These prepared salmon pinwheels look every bit as good as they taste, with rich and flavourful Pacific salmon rolled around an irresistible crab or spinach stuffing. Cook from frozen in the oven or airfryer and pair with our buerre blanc sauce recipe for a perfect appetizer.Sealand Quality Foods Crab Salmon Pinwheels on Bed of Lettuce


In times past, it didn't feel like Christmas unless you were cramming an oversized turkey into an undersized oven and crossing your fingers that it cooked all the way through before drying out! But nowadays, people are leaving the ghost of giant Christmas turkeys in the past and branching out to try some truly mouth-watering alternatives!

Turkey Tenderloin - If you’re like us and still have a soft spot for good old fashioned turkey at Christmas, then we suggest giving our turkey tenderloins a try. By replacing your full size bird with these finest quality tenderloins, you’ll be saying goodbye to dry, flavourless meat and hello to moist and juicy deliciousness! And as an added bonus, they need far less cooking time than a full sized turkey, freeing up oven space for roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts (or more Bacon Wrapped Scallops!).

Sealand Quality Foods Turkey Tenderloin Sliced on Cutting Board with Cranberries

Stuffed Chicken (Creme Brie, Apples and Cranberries) - For lovers of white meat who are bored with traditional turkey and chicken roasts, why not give these mouth-watering stuffed chicken breasts a go! Packed to bursting with creme brie cheese, sweet apples, tangy cranberries, onion and a hint of chive, these tasty delights are like Christmas presents wrapped in a lightly seasoned, crispy batter.

Two Bone French Rack of Lamb - If you’re looking for more of a fine dining Christmas experience, why not give our French cut rack of lamb a go. Showcasing the tenderest cuts of lamb beautifully trimmed to expose the bone for a meal that looks every bit as good as it tastes! Plate them in a delicate crown roast for a spectacular showstopper that will leave your dinner guests speechless!

Sealand Quality Foods French Cut Lamb Rack on Cutting Board with Cranberries

Beef Roast - A melt in the mouth beef roast needs to be slow cooked over many hours, but who’s got the time and oven space needed to pull that off? Take all of the hassle and oven Tetris out of the equation with our pre-cooked beef roast! This beautiful piece of meat has already been slow cooked for guaranteed tenderness and even comes in its own gravy. Just heat, serve and kick back like the Christmas dinner champion that you are!

GF Beyond Sausage - These plant-based sausages are the ideal meat substitute to make sure no one feels left out this holiday season. With a true pork flavour and texture, they pair perfectly with all the traditional trimmings and won’t be out of place as part of any festive feast.

Bonus Points

Potato Au Gratin - When it comes to Christmas dinner, the potatoes are almost as important as the protein! So why not really up the ante this year with a delicious prepared potato au gratin side dish to compliment your traditional mashed or roasted favourites. 

Sealand Quality Foods Potato Au Gratin on Serving Plate with Garnish

And there you have it, a festive feast without all the fuss! No more panic-stricken searches for the last turkey in town, just the finest quality meat and seafood delivered right to your door with no minimum order amounts or hidden fees! So why not treat yourself this holiday season with a Sealand food delivery and enjoy a Christmas dinner that Yule not soon forget!

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