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Peameal Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Say goodbye to bland breakfasts and elevate your morning routine with our Peameal Bacon Breakfast Sandwich. Whether it's a leisurely weekend breakfast or a quick weekday pick-me-up, this recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and provide the fuel you need to conquer the day.

An iconic Canadian specialty, our peameal bacon features lean premium pork loin rolled in delicate, golden cornmeal resulting in a crispy exterior and tender, juicy center. The bacon's savoury richness is nicely balanced by the cool herb mayo and velvety slices of avocado, with fresh arugula providing a peppery, vibrant crunch. A perfectly fried egg adds a delightful touch of indulgence, coating each bite with its luxurious golden yolk to complete this morning meal masterpiece.

With simple, step-by-step instructions and almost no prep time, these sandwiches are perfect for any occasion, from family breakfast feasts to grab-and-go snacks for breaky on the run! 


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