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Apple, Brie and Cranberry Stuffed Chicken with Wild Rice Sweet Potato Salad

Experience a symphony of flavours with Sealand's Apple, Brie and Cranberry Stuffed Chicken accompanied by a vibrant Wild Rice Sweet Potato Salad. Each  piece of chicken is bursting with the creamy richness of Brie cheese, the sweetness of apples, and the tartness of cranberries, creating a delightful fusion of tastes in every bite.


Meanwhile, the Wild Rice Sweet Potato Salad, featuring a medley of nutty wild rice, crisp arugula, creamy avocado, and a tangy cranberry vinaigrette, adds a refreshing contrast that tantalizes the palate.


Whether enjoyed as a comforting weeknight dinner or served as an impressive entrée for guests, this recipe promises to elevate any dining experience with its irresistible blend of sweet, savory, and tart elements.


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