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Buffalo Chicken Fingers Wrap/Cup with Bleu Cheese Sauce

Whether you're making hearty wraps for a family lunch, or an elegant appetizer for a fancy dinner party, this easy-to-prepare recipe has got you covered.

Kid-approved flavour that adults can't resist - Sealand's premium Breaded Chicken Fingers are incredibly meaty and juicy. Made from 100% natural chicken tenderloin with a delightfully crispy, seasoned crumb coating that soaks up flavour without losing crunch! Smothered in a fiery buffalo sauce and paired with a decedent, velvety bleu cheese sauce to cool things off, this dish is sure to tantalize the taste buds!

Serve with soft tortillas and lots of fresh veggies for a quick and healthy meal option, or in small glass cups as a sophisticated and easy-to-eat appetizer.


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