GF Chipotle Black Bean Burger

SKU: 996

(Item #996)  iQF Gluten Free Chipotle Black Bean Burger. Perfect Vegetarian option, so much flavour! Easy in a pan or BBQ.

To stay true to our Sealand Values Statement, please include your Culinary Consultants name so we may continue with the relationship we have developed.

  • Box Contains 4 packs of 6ea Individually Vacuum-Packed GF Chipotle Black Bean Burgers (by weight)
  • Suggested Serving Size per the Nutrition Facts Label 113g (4oz) - approximately 24 - 113g servings
  • Box weight: 2.72 (6.0lbs)

Water, cooked black beans, cooked brown rice, vegetables (onion and corn*), expeller pressed canola oil*, roasted vegetables (corn*, red and green bell peppers), soy protein concentrate*, tomato paste, potato starch, organic cane sugar, methylcellulose, sea salt, yeast extract, onion powder, spices, garlic powder, black bean powder, natural flavors (from plant sources), tomato powder, citric acid, lactic acid, instant coffee, molasses. *Non-genetically engineered canola oil, corn, and soybeans.

In a nonstick pan or flat top griddle cook in oil-covered for 3 to 4 minutes on each side over medium heat until browned, firm to the touch, moist, and hot throughout. Let rest for 1 minute and serve.  Air Fryer -  Preheat to  360ºF for 3-5 minutes for 8-10 minutes flipping after 4 minutes.