Frequently Asked Questions

I only buy fresh. Why buy frozen?

Modern freezing techniques make many of the frozen fish superior to those that are not. Why? Because lots of fish are now frozen on the boat, just minutes after being caught, with flash-freezing units that maintain a temperature far below the typical home freezer. Farm-raised fish is frozen on the spot, as freezers are incorporated into the farm site.

Since more than 85 percent of the seafood we eat is imported, most of this fish is frozen before it makes it to our local fish market or grocery store. Some fish that is labeled “fresh" are in fact previously frozen, and while reputable fishmongers will reveal this, not all fish markets do.

What's the difference between wild caught and farmed fish?

The wild caught fish include all the fish and seafood caught in nets, traps, or with fishing lines. Humans have harvested wild fish and seafood for millennia, and in fact, fish and shellfish are considered to be renewable resources because under normal conditions they can replenish their populations naturally.  The problem, however, is that an increase in the demand for fish and seafood is causing overfishing to occur. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration watches over fisheries and using scientific methods to manage fish populations to prevent overfishing. That's certainly a good thing, and one way to help sustain wild fish populations is to increase the availability of farmed fish.

There may be some minor nutritional differences between farmed and wild caught fish, but not enough to proclaim one or there other as unhealthy. Our customers can make their decisions for a variety of reasons which is why we offer both but all in all, either fish is a nice healthy choice for dinner.

Where does your beef come from?

All of our beef is Canadian raised. Our Wagyu Beef is raised in Ontario with Certified  DNA traceability back to Kobe Japan

What farms does your chicken come from?

Our supplier uses a number of Ontario farms to source from. This ensures consistent and specific quality and supply

Where is your fish and seafood from?

All of our fish and seafood is locally raised or imported through CFIA certified suppliers. We strive to supply as much MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) https://www.msc.org/  and  Ocean wise http://seafood.ocean.org/  to maintain sustainability with our ecosystem ensuring healthy oceans for generations to come

Do you tenderize you beef?

Absolutely not. No artificial feed, growth additives  or chemical or mechanical tenderizing is ever practiced

What Age is your beef?

Our beef is aged for 30+ days. We try to achieve 40 days which improves the marbling even more

How long can I keep products in the freezer for?

Being that we maintain the cold chain, we recommend our products be consumed within a year. We try to visit every 3 months which is the frequency and quantity people tend to purchase

Is this a freezer plan and are there contracts or minimum orders?

There are no contracts to sign ever. You are not obligated to continue to use our service. We do experience an extremely high repeat business because the breadth of products we offer and that there is no minimum order other than one box.

Is your beef Grain fed, grass fed?

All of our Alberta beef is grass fed then finished with grain. Our Wagyu beef is 100% grass fed.