Savouring your Sealand products? We'd love to hear from you.


Jim provides great service and the products we have tried have been excellent. We especially enjoy the Halibut and the Garlic Shrimp Skewers. Thank you.

Pierre Gagnon

I absolutely love the Breaded Veal Schnitzel from SQF. Its so fast and easy to make and best of all it tastes great.
We also are extremely please with the quality of all the other meat products.
Our representative, Jim J is a pleasure to do business with.

Lisa X.

I used to live in Vancouver, and 9 years ago when we moved to Calgary, I was like, ok, no more Seafood, cause this is In the mountains…Lol, until one day my “seafood agent” Wes knocked on my door, and from that day, the variety of seafood products and services Wes provided to us made my eyes open widely. Great person and Great food, and such a convenient service!! I have nothing to complain about it!


The top serious steaks were delicious, and my girlfriend loved the beyond beef burgers! Above that, Brian was an awesome sales rep! Would 100% recommend!

Amy L

Thanks to Brian, I am enjoying new fish dishes in my weekly personal food menu!
Great quality and service. Looking forward to trying more recipes with this fish.


Curtis stopped in at our shop a couple weeks ago and introduced us to Sealand Quality Foods. He was very personable and knowledgeable about the products so we decided to try a few products. Having just returned from Cuba and trying Cuban lobster for the first time we purchased the Cuban lobster tails and they were amazing! We’ve never cooked lobster before so after watching a U-tube video we gave it a whirl. So quick, simple and delicious! We’ve also bought the coconut shrimp and shrimp skewers. All very tasty and fresh. We will definitely be try more of these products!


Thank you again Jim.
Jim had just been out to Canmore to deliver us some baby backs ribs we had heard so much about. Our son is coming from Montreal for a visit and had requested crab legs. I send Jim a texted and he was quick to answer and deliver the crab legs. Jim gave us another recipe to check out Crab stuffed mushrooms.
Your the BEST Jim 


Met with Marcus a few times now. Have tried everything for steak to salmon, shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, potato crusted shrimp and more. All genuinely enjoyed by my family, co-workers and friends. Great food.


Top quality food conveniently delivered to your door. Jim J, is very knowledgeable and helpful. The Nagano Tomahawk Pork Chops are excellent. Herb and Garlic Butterfly Shrimp are a family favourite.

Patti P

The Sealand products we have tried have all been great – the meatballs are delicious and I really like the convenience of the individually packed chicken … oh and the lemongrass dumplings have been a party hit as well! Doug M’s service and recommendations has been exceptional.

Fay Bartel

I met Chris 2 years ago in Outlook, Saskatchewan. Chris brings high quality products for us to choose from. My husband has an allergy to garlic and Chris remembers and bring us products with this in mind. He has given me recipes and are easy and delicious for me to prepare. Chris is very professional and informative. We do not have a favorite because we love it all.

Eva Schulz

I have been buying (mostly) seafood from Wes K. for about 2 years now. Wes K. is amazing and so is the product. I have had cedar planked salmon fillets, halibut fillets, bbq ribs, crab legs, crab claws, lobster tails, coconut shrimps , bacon wrapped scallops and seafood cakes. All are absolutely delicious. Wes K. stops buy every 2 or 3 months to make sure I am well stocked and is always available if I need something extra for a party.


Greg caught us just as we were going out for a walk. It was minus 20 and Greg took the time to show us all the meats we were interested in. We bought the New York steaks, chicken and haddock fillets. They are all very good. Thanks Greg.

Junmei Prest

We love the sushi grade salmon from Sealand. Jim is a great guy, he always provide cooking tips and knows his product very well. He recommended the Saku Tuna today, we cannot wait to try it.


Thank you Jim for the awesome service.
Jim is very informative about Sealand foods and wanting
to share his favorite recipes with us.
Our favorite is the halibut and salmon. We are looking
forward to trying the ribs.


The food is excellent, always new and exciting foods to try. Our family loves the Nagano pork chops and cedar plank salmon. The crab claws at Christmas were also a favourite among all our holiday guests. Jim always stops buy to see if we need any ‘refills’ and goes out of his way to bring us anything we want that he doesn’t have with him that we want to try.


We have been ordering from Sealand for the past couple of years. Our sales rep Jim always does a great job of highlighting any specials or new products that they have. I highly recommend the lobster claws. You get the best part of the lobster without all of the mess & hassle. The chicken breasts are great as well. You really notice the quality.

Brenda curtis

Jim j is a very helpful seafood provider
He sells us quality foods and gives us recipes so that we do them up well
We appreciate jim and the high quality food he provides us with
Our favourite is the salmon


I met Jim J last summer when he was in my neighbour hood. He was friendly and informative. We purchased some shrimp skewers, salmon and I think the family favourite was potato crusted cod! I love Jim’s customer service and I look forward to my next order!


I have been purchasing all sorts of products from Sealand for many years now.. A couple of my favourites are the Chicken Cordon Blue and the Baby Back Ribs.. The Ribs are fall off the bone tender! Jim is always so knowledgeable and full of passion for his products. He has shared some of his own favourite recipes. Miss Vicky’s Salt & Vinegar Cod is absolutely delish!


Sealand is excellent quality. We have tried many different items and regularly keep our favourites stocked in the freezer. Jim J always has excellent suggestions and recipes! He always responds quickly and has gone out of his way to make sure we have what we need for our last minute get togethers! I have to eat gluten free and there is a lot of selection. The rack of lamb is better than a high end restaurant!


We have been ordering from Sealand for the past couple of years. Jim has always taken great care of us and provided exceptional service. Our Sealand favourites are the sushi grade salmon, the snow crab claws and the boneless chicken breasts. I would defintely recommend Sealand Quality Foods as the food is always fresh, vacuum sealed and delivered right to your door. Thanks for the great service Jim!


We love their BBQ chicken! Its delicious and so easy to cook! Jim is very friendly and knowledgeable. He always gives me a heads up when he’s in the neighborhood incase I’m running low, which for a busy mom is great!

Bob Baird

I have been dealing with Jim J for many years now. We like the quality of the foods and the variety. Jim is very helpful in providing recipes and recommendations to us. Gives us that personal touch. We have recommended your products to our neighbours.

Kelly McGarrell

I am so impressed with the quality of the food and service. Thank you for carrying such great products.


Have bought from Sealand for many years and have never been disappointed with anything. Recently my salesman, Jim, sold me a box of their slow cooked roasts. They were as he described….moist and so delicious. You could pull the meat off with your fork. Would recommend everyone trying their roasts.


I’ve been a customer of Jim’s since 2016. The food is amazing, delicious and high quality. We’ve tried many different products and have found many favorites. The customer service provided by Jim is top notch, he is always letting me know new products and favorite recipes. He always texts or calls and is happy to make a special trips if need be. I’d be happy to recommend Sealand to anyone!


As a truck driver, the quality, portions and delivery process offered by Sealand Quality Foods fits my schedule perfectly.
Neil has met me in various locations in Calgary to facilitate my dynamic schedule delivering your high quality product. I enjoy your superior product both at home and on the road! Neil ensures I get what I want and gives me informed updates on sales and various products. I recommend your business products and services to all!


Amazing food and service! Jim J. has great recipes and is the epitome of incredible, knowledgeable service. He is super accommodating and passes on all kinds of helpful tips. Love the lobster and seafood cakes, the sushi grade salmon, bison burgers, chicken thighs….actually everything I have tried. This may cost more than the grocery store but it’s high quality food and they have lovely variety. You can’t go wrong!


Thanks Sealand and Jim J for the exceptional service. Love when you leave a quick text letting me know when your in the area. My favourites are the Turkey Tenderloins and the Beef Roast.

George G

Absolutely the best steaks you can buy. The sirloin steaks are amazing. All products are amazing – wild salmon, coconut shrimp, lobster cakes, chicken etc. Our guy Jim J is fantastic. He always has great recommendations on preparation. If you have not tried the Sealand product line you owe it to yourself to do so. You will become a lifetime customer as we have. You live once so eat well.

Jennifer C

We are very impressed with the stellar customer service we received. Your sales representative, Neil Slimm, is both personable and knowledgeable. He is a great asset to your team.

Great high quality food from a company we trust. We will order again. Thank you.

Jesse L

Thanks Chris for showing us such great quality fish. Hope to see you in the spring for some Steaks!!


Marcus happened down my laneway over a week ago and he showed me some of the products he had to offer in his fancy little truck. I ended up buying the potato crusted cod. I have served it twice now at two little dinner parties and have had great reviews from my guests. It was so convenient, fast and tastey. This is a quality product and I would definitely buy it again.


We have been ordering from sales rep Jim J for quite a number of years. He is super friendly and knowledgeable about the products. We are a busy family of 5 and Jim knows we need good value for our money. We enjoy the roasts, the bacon wrapped steaks, jumbo shrimp and salmon just to name a few top favorites!


Top notch food and service… we have been faithful customers for 3 years. Our guy Jim J is very dedicated in serving us. Thank you for the past and continuing friendly, tasteful and enjoyable service!!

Jack and Gisele

We have appreciated the service from Marcus and the quality of anything we have purchased. The salmon with skin on is awesome and we really liked the potato crusted cod.


When Jim first came to the door I must say I was hesitant to buy fish from the back of his truck. I’m glad I spent the time with him while he showed me all of his products. My family has really enjoyed all the quality fish that we have purchased from Jim. The Salmon was so fresh and tasty. The almond crusted sole was a huge hit as well. Nothing like getting fist pumps from your kids when you tell them we are having fish for dinner. I have recommended Jim to other neighbours by telling them it’s a quick and easy midweek dinner. Thanks for the great service Jim!

Nancy chesher

Brian Ramwood stopped by our office on Jan 29 th with the best attitude a salesman could, have, especially if you want to sell something. After a bit of back and forth joking around, he got right down to business and let us know why he was there, he was selling something I have been trying to find for awhile but did not have the time to look up, excellent seafood at reasonable prices., I wasn’t even sure I could get it delivered to my door, but Brian offered the next best thing, he delivered to my office…which is excellent, Brian is one of the nicest salesman I have ever dealt with and he really concentrates on customer service.
Looking forward to the next time I need to order something, keep up the great work Brian, I haven’t tried my fish yet, but will be back to add my review once I have
Thank you

reese paton

I would recommend this to anyone. Awesome selection and great quality. Thank you Marcus Paton!

Pauline Hoffman CPO®

Very much enjoying the steaks, salmon and haddock we have been getting from Mark Paton. The steak melts in your mouth. And the salmon and haddock are just size pieces of fish . They taste amazing.

Sheila McNabb

I purchased the chicken cordon bleu shrimp and chicken breast. I was very pleased at the quality of taste and service of my product. It was easy to cook had the instruction on the box easy to follow.
The product that I ordered was very tasty the shrimp are a very good size and tasted great without doing anything to them In 30 to 40 minute I had a complete supper great for timing.


Usually, I’m pretty sceptical about frozen food and not being a big seafood person, I didn’t give the products much thought at first. Marcus took the time to address my specific concerns and detailed the healthy organic ingredients in the sea land products. Before the holidays, I tried the bean burgers and some baked snack foods that were absolutely delicious. My kids loved them as well, which is a huge win! Thank you Marcus.

Shane Mark

We have been customers for a while now and I can say our experience has been fantastic. Jim J is our contact and I know, from experience, that I can send a quick text asking about product and Jim makes it a priority to get us what we have asked for as soon as possible. There isn’t anything we have purchased that we haven’t been happy with. Great quality food, and great service from Jim.

Paula and Al Hodgson

We were hesitant to try the Sealand products as I have never bought food from someone at the door. Marcus changed that for us. He was polite and very knowledgable on all the products. We have since tried the stuffed sole, garlic shrimp and now the meatless burgers. All were delicious. The quality is excellent and the flavours are bang on. I will continue to order from Sealand and have encouraged friends to try them as well. Thank you Marcus for the great service and fantastic food selections.


Brian R came to our office and we all bought a couple of boxes of seafood and chicken. The crab cakes and garlic shrimp are awesome, can’t believe the size of the bacon wrap scallops and we all enjoyed them as well. Brian was friendly and explain everything to us and gave us some ways to cook the products he answered all our questions., I would recommend him.

Ronald Gurak from: Heritage Pointe


Just BBQ’d Nagano Pork chops and Argentina Colossal shrimp last night. Wow!!! Never have tasted shrimp so firm, tender and juicy or pork that was so tender. Jim, our sales rep, told us how to BBQ these 2 items and he was dead on! I have never had anything that tasty and tender before. I’ll never buy precooked shrimp or pork loin (in supermarkets) again.

Mark from: Ottawa


The quality of their meats is top notch and their seafood is by far superior to any specialty food store. My food representative Roger has completely reinvented reliable service and made me appreciate his front door delivery. Unlike other companies that pitch the quality of their food one must also come to appreciate the service behind the product and Roger is by far the most honest and reliable Sea Land representative that has ever come to my front door. Thank you for everything as I am a customer for life.

Jim Domanko from: Calgary

January 11, 2020    

Thanks again Jim for delivering our lobsters tails for New Years on such short notice. 12 of us sat down to steak and lobster. Mini bacon wrapped steaks and those big ass lobster tails. Soooo Gooooood!! Looking forward to doing it again soon. All the best in 2020 and look forward to buying from you again.

Margaret Stephaniuk

Bought Colassal Shrimp from Chris D. and the shrimp are awesome. Thanks Chris.

Vibart Ready

The potato icrusted cod is really excellent.

Rhonda & Darren McConnell

Charles and his son Jake stopped by our cottage, by chance, on their way through to see another customer. They asked if we would be interested in having a look at what they have. That is when grocery shopping changed for us. We always have a stocked freezer. They ensure the process is convenient for us as they deliver directly to our door either house or cottage with our order OR make sure they touch base every so often just to see how our supplies are doing. They are both very passionate and knowledgeable about the product. We cannot rave about the food, specifically their Halibut, Lobster tails and steaks (Filet/Ribeye) although we buy way more than that from them. Mostly I have to say…..the money they have saved us in the last 2 yrs has been amazing. No more freezer burnt food. We have no children so the individual packed portions are absolutely perfect for us. We have served many of the product to family and friends and they would all also agree with he quality and incredible taste. I’m grateful we have this option and would highly recommend to all!!!



Dale and Janice. Ontario

We placed our first order last month and are still working on it. Each of the products we have had have been delicious and so fresh. We purchased mostly fish but did try the steaks and they are also very good. The red snapper and grouper are my favorites and didn’t disappoint. I wondered what we were doing buying from a truck that stopped at our house but I am so happy Bonny did!! We will definately be purchasing from Sea Land again. We already have in mind what we will be ordering next.


OMG!!!!!! Tried the Beyond Burger tonight for dinner and WOW!!! Cows should be dancing in their barns!! These burgers are so good, taste just like meat.
The only one in my family that didnt like the burger was our dog!!!
I will definitely be buying more from you!
Thanks for sending me cooking instructions, they cooked beautifully in a pan from frozen for 3 min on each side.
Thank you,

Nancy R

I purchased the tuna upon Jim’s recommendation. So happy with its flavour and consistency….the best!!!


The way Al shows the food to clients makes me want to buy it all , all at once! Alas, my personal
finances require me to settle on being a regular customer, buying a box or 2 favorite and/or trying a
new item or 2 each month. Between your existing menu and new offerings I anticipate being a loyal
customer of Al’s for many years!


We just made our first purchase a few weeks ago (August 2018) from Chris. We live north of Saskatoon and don’t often get there to shop. It was great that Chris came to us. He was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to about the items we were interested in. The quality of the products we purchased was great. The shrimp was to die for.

Dianne from Toronto

When Al started working at Sealand, I wanted to try some of the vegetarian and new vegan options on the menu.
The Black Bean Burgers are amazing and I love the Beyond Burger. Please keep these on the menu. The bean burger is so versatile, I can’t wait to make chili with it in the winter time! It’s easy to place an order. Al meets me on time when he says he will and always calls if there’s any delay. He can deliver your food the next day, the same day, but most important, he works around your schedule. I just bought the Jumbo Shrimp and Garlic Shrimp skewers which are delicious! For the amount of food product you receive, I find the prices affordable.


We have been a customer of IQF since December of 2017. We love several products- we have tried about six different things. Leslie is very professional and knowledgeable as well as friendly. We would recommend people try it and see for themselves.


Gentleman named Freddy came to my door this morning selling seafood. Great presentation. Explained where fish is from and showed lovely samples. Will certainly be ordering during BBQ season.


The steak was amazing! Never thought theres better steak than what i normally eat. And the shrimp skewers are excellent. I can tell, shrimps are really fresh, because i lived in tropical country and I know if its fresh or not. Scott gave a good presentation and very articulate. Im happy i bought from him. And i will definitely call him and get more.

Pam and Tim Winter

All I can say is that we just love Sealand’s ribeye 12oz steaks they just melt in your mouth!!! The lobster claws I would highly recommend also very tasty!!! If there’s any recipes or advice on any of the products Jim is very informative and also very accommodating!!!I would highly recommend Sealand it’s the best beef and seafood in town!!!!! Thanks again Jim!!!!

Savouring your Sealand products? We'd love to hear from you.