The Sealand Difference

35 years of history

A Sealand representative is very much a modern-day incarnation of the old-fashioned neighborhood butcher, who knew his customers on a first named basis and provided personalized service.

Offering a new and unique personalized shopping concept, Sealand Quality Foods delivers flash frozen, individual right-sized portions of products directly to the customer's door.

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iQF Frozen vs Fresh - Which is better?

Consumers rarely enjoy the luxury of fresh seafood straight off the boat. However, store-bought 'fresh' seafood may not be as fresh as you think, especially if it's imported and traveled thousands of miles. In fact, when seafood is iQF (individually Quick Frozen) - it stays fresher for much longer.

iQF Products (distributed by Sealand Quality Foods), sources sustainable and wild caught fish and seafood and is often more affordable than fresh and it can be enjoyed all year long!

Additionally, frozen portions allow consumers to use what they need and reduce the amount of waste produced in households.

The health and nutritional difference between the two are minimal, Frozen is often safer to eat because the freezing process kills any harmful bacteria!

Welcome to our family. It's not just delivery.

When you order from Sealand Quality Foods, you're not just getting a delivery. We become an extend team to help you decide on healthier, fresh choices for you and your family.